Coronatest for businesses

Preventive testing is stimulated by the government for companies where working from home is not an option and keeping 1.5 metres distance is not easy to achieve. This is done by means of a subsidy. Companies that do not qualify for the subsidy can implement this strategy at their own expense. The corona test for companies makes working on location possible again.

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The benefits of preventive testing

How does a preventive testing strategy work?

A preventive testing strategy is possible with a PCR test for businesses or a rapid test for businesses. By testing employees twice a week, working on location becomes possible again.

Together with the company, we ensure that it is virtually impossible for infected employees to appear on the shop floor. We do this by taking the following steps:

  1. On fixed mornings, the employees are tested before they enter the workplace.
  2. Employees with negative test results can go to work with peace of mind
  3. Employees with a positive test result will be reported to the GGD according to the legal obligation to report and will not be allowed on the work floor.

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Preventive testing strategy for businesses

The government is currently stimulating a preventive testing policy for employees who have no complaints and who are not known to have been exposed to the corona virus. To do this, the government wants to temporarily support companies that want to have their employees tested preventively and, if necessary, frequently. Preventive testing of people without complaints and without known exposure helps detect infections early and prevent outbreaks. Moreover, employers offer their employees a safe working environment.

Subsidy scheme from the government

Until recently, it was only possible for employers to have employees with complaints or known exposure tested. Since 19 March 2021 there is a new regulation that financially supports employers, by means of a subsidy, to preventively and frequently test their employees without complaints. The support applies to so-called 'guided self-testing' and to self-testing of employees under the supervision of a BIG-registered doctor or occupational health and safety service. The subsidy scheme is intended for companies where working from home is not an option and 1.5 metres distance cannot easily be achieved. The subsidy scheme does not apply to companies that are able to work from home or are sufficiently far away. However, this strategy can be implemented at one's own expense to make working on location possible again.

coronatest for companies preventive testing

PCR test or antigen rapid test for companies

When choosing a test, it is important to make a distinction between employees with complaints and employees without complaints.

An employee has yes complaints

When an employee has complaints the company wants to know as soon as possible if this employee is infected with the coronavirus. For speed, this can best be tested with a CE-validated antigen rapid test. The GGD route often takes 48 hours, while the result of an antigen rapid test is known within 15 minutes. The antigen rapid test is almost as reliable as a PCR test for people with complaints.

An employee has no complaints

When an employee has no symptoms, the test results are always less reliable than when someone does experience symptoms. This applies to both the antigen rapid test and the PCR test. Despite this relatively lower reliability, a negative result does indicate that the person tested is not contagious at that moment. This means that even if a person does turn out to have corona, the chance of this person infecting other people in the first 72 hours after the test is very small.

What does this mean for your business?

The government's grant scheme allows companies to implement a preventative testing strategy under the supervision of a medical professional. This means that your company is kept corona-free and you create a safe workplace for your employees.

Cooperation with

  • Medical BV with BIG registered doctors
  • Experienced care workers
  • RIVM validated tests and lab
  • All legal procedures regarding AVG, reporting obligation and medical waste disposal
  • We take over all the tasks and responsibilities around testing from the company
  • We apply for the subsidy and the company pays nothing for the preventive testing strategy.
  • Company pays in arrears if incidents or travel certificates were required
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