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Are you going on holiday and do you need a certificate for this? offers coronate tests for travellers including a travel certificate. Be well prepared and look here for an overview of countries with which coronas are required. coronatest for holiday is necessary.

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Travel certificate

In case of a negative test you will receive an international travel certificate.


The tests we use have been officially validated by the RIVM.


Home and on-site testing possible. Within 2 hours on location.

Medical supervision

Cooperation between GGD and BIG registered healthcare professionals.

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What is a travel certificate?

Because of the coronavirus, all countries have currently imposed entry restrictions on incoming travelers. In order to gain access to a country, travelers must often be in possession of an international travel certificate. This is an officially required document that indicates that you have tested negative for the coronavirus.

However, at a PCR test a different certificate from a antigen rapid test. The PCR test is suitable for travel to almost all countries. This is not always the case for an antigen rapid test.

The documents required for travel abroad change regularly. For an up-to-date overview of these changes please visit the website of the Government or the ANWB.

PCR test travel certificate

With a PCR test you get an international travel certificate, which allows you to enter almost every country. However, it is important that the PCR test has been validated by RIVM. So always check this carefully before administering the test.

The following data are listed on the PCR test certificate:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Document number of identity document
  • Method of test taking
  • Date and time of test taking
  • Date of the result
  • Test result
  • Type of test
  • The details of the laboratory, name and signature of our medical director

Travel certificate quick test

The antigen rapid test is approved for travel in some countries. With the certificate you get after a negative result, you can enter several countries. There are also rapid tests for sale in supermarkets and shops, but you will not receive a certificate. Always check if your antigen rapid test is validated by RIVM and includes a certificate.

The following data are mentioned on the antigen rapid test certificate:

  • Name
  • Date and time of test taking
  • Test result
  • Type of test
  • Name and signature of our medical director

Locations coronatest with certificate


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Travel certificate included with corona tests

At you receive a certificate by e-mail with both the antigen rapid test and the PCR test. The certificates are included in our tests and do not have to be ordered or paid for separately.

Our tests have been validated by the RIVM and are suitable for travel. Be well prepared and make an appointment for your coronavirus test here.

What's a coronagraph?

A coronavirus test indicates whether you are infected with the coronavirus. There are several tests available on the market that can show this. The antigen rapid test can show within 30 minutes if you are infected with the virus. For many international trips it is currently necessary to take a PCR test.

Make an appointment directly for a coronatest with certificate.

Don't forget to bring your passport or ID to the test site. Do you want to make several appointments? Then book each person separately in the booking system with his / her personal data.

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