Discount coronatesto hotels

Hotel guests are often required to take a coronavirus test. You can help your guests here by giving them a discount on their rapid test and/or PCR test through us. With our corona tests they always receive a travel certificate.

By booking through us, hotel guests not only get a competitive price, but also 20% extra discount to be divided between your hotel and the hotel guest. 

Discount choice from

Best deal

Competitive price and 20% discount


RIVM validated tests and lab


Same day results and also tests at hotel

Medical supervision

Cooperation between GGD and BIG registered healthcare professionals

Rapid test & PCR test prices

Our standard prices are very competitive, include a travel certificate and do not change when booking at certain times.


Hotel guests can easily book with us using a unique voucher for your hotel. You will receive a 20% discount on the standard prices mentioned above. The distribution of the discount can be done in two ways:


How does it work?

  • Fill in the details and choose one of the two discount options
  • You will receive physical and digital vouchers, the digital one can be sent along with the booking confirmation
  • It is possible to put custom prints on certain spots
  • You will receive a weekly overview of the bookings of your hotel guests
  • Monthly kickback on your hotel guests (no minimum, no maximum)
  • Voucher code can be shared with your customers and fellow entrepreneurs in the area

How does the hotel guest book?

  • Scan the QR code of the voucher or click on the link
  • Choose the type of test, date and time
  • Fill in all the necessary details for the travel certificate
  • Enter the voucher code for a discount
  • Pay via the online booking system
  • After the test, the guest will receive the travel certificate by e-mail.

Yes, I also want a discount on corona tests for my hotel & guests