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Are you going on holiday and do you need a coronavirus as proof of entry? With us you can get a PCR test and antigen rapid test easily and quickly throughout the Netherlands. Our tests are RIVM validated and come with an international travel certificate. You will also receive a QR code suitable for the CoronaCheck app. Find out immediately which test you need.

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What coronation test is needed for Mexico?

Disclaimer: This overview is updated regularly. For the most recent information regarding the required test look at Netherlands worldwide.

Coronatest Mexico

There are currently no entry restrictions for Mexico, so a negative Coronavian test result is not mandatory. However, travellers can still choose to have a test done before leaving for Mexico.

Age limit coronatest Mexico

The above rules apply to all travellers.

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Locations PCR test with travel certificate Mexico

Amsterdam City Center

Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 178, 1012 SJ Amsterdam
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Travel advice abroad

The situation regarding possible entry restrictions to Mexico and additional requirements change regularly. You can find a current overview of all measures and requirements at The Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Travel to Mexico

Are you going to travel to Mexico? If so, you may choose to have a corona test done before departure. Testservice offers RIVM validated corona tests, both antigen rapid tests and PCR tests. All tests come with a travel certificate. Make an appointment now easily and quickly at one of our testing locations. You will always receive the result of the rapid test within 15 minutes. In case of a PCR test: a test before 1 pm means the result the same day, a test after 1 pm means the result the next day at the latest.

Vacations Mexico Corona 2022

Mexico is known for its intriguing history, beautiful beaches, ancient Mayan culture and delicious food. The capital, Mexico City, is the largest and most visited city in the country. Other famous places are Tulum, Cancun, Teotihuacan, Playa del Carmen, Palenque, Mérida, Puerto Vallarta, Puebla and Acapulco.

All about the travel certificate

When you have a negative Coronatest result, you will always receive an international travel certificate from us. With this certificate you can then travel. Please note! The travel certificate for a PCR test is different to that for an antigen rapid test. So always check carefully which certificate is required for your travel destination. The travel document is checked at five points:

  • Type of test: in our case it is the 'PCR'.
  • Test result: Must be negative
  • First name and surname: according to passport
  • Date and time of test
  • Details of the institute or laboratory that administered the test

What's a coronagraph?

A coronate test is a test that can show whether a person is infected with the COVID-19 virus. There are different types of coronate tests, such as a rapid antigen test and a PCR test. An antigen rapid test quickly indicates whether you are infected with the coronavirus or not. The result of a PCR test takes a little longer, but is more accurate. Both the antigen rapid test and the PCR test can be done at one of our test locations.

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Cost of PCR test and antigen rapid test for travel to Mexico

At you can easily book a coronation test at competitive prices. Book your coronatest here.

Quick results

Immediate result for rapid test and urgent PCR test. Budget PCR test same day result before 22:00.


The tests we use have been officially validated by the RIVM.


Business testing on location possible or at our test sites. Within 2 hours on location.

Medical supervision

Cooperation between GGD and BIG registered healthcare professionals.

Do you want to go on vacation to Mexico this year?

Do you want to take a vacation or trip this year? Book Quickly and easily a PCR test or antigen rapid test with travel certificate at one of our testing locations. This way you are well prepared for your trip!

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