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Looking for a reliable PCR test? Make an appointment for just €129,- and receive a PCR test with certificate (English). Testservice.nl has several locations in the Netherlands including The Hague, Amsterdam and Haarlem. 

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Quick results

Results within 15 minutes in case of a rapid test. PCR test the same or next day.


The tests we use have been officially validated by the RIVM.


Home and on-site testing possible. Within 2 hours on location.

Medical supervision

Cooperation between GGD and BIG registered healthcare professionals.

PCR test with certificate Hoorn

Are you going on a trip abroad soon and do you therefore need to have a PCR test do? Testservice.nl takes PCR tests at several locations in the Netherlands. Our PCR test is CE certified and validated by RIVM. Do you live in (the area of) Hoorn and would you like to have a PCR test done as soon as possible? Book your appointment now and visit us at our coronatesthe location HoornWe are located about forty minutes from the city centre. Our nearest locations in Amsterdam-Zuid and Diemen are easy to reach by car as well as by public transport.

When do I get the PCR test results?

You will often receive the results the same day and always within 24 hours. Were you tested before 13:00? Then you will receive the result before 22:00 that same day. If you were tested after 13:00, you will receive the result no later than the next day!

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All about the PCR test Hoorn

A PCR test can be used to determine whether you are infected with the coronavirus. The test takes about three to five minutes per person (including administrative processing) and is done by means of a throat and nose swab. The material is then sent to the laboratory, where it is checked whether you are infected with the coronavirus. In case of a negative result, you will also receive an internationally recognized travel certificate.

PCR test and travelling abroad

International travelers are currently subject to entry restrictions for almost all countries to prevent further spread of the coronavirus. Often a negative PCR test with an accompanying certificate of the test result is required to enter the country. Our PCR tests include an international travel certificate, for both business and private travel. Want to know more? Please visit coronatest for holiday

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Don't forget to bring your passport or ID to the test site. Do you want to make several appointments? Then book each person separately in the booking system with his / her personal data.

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