Lateral flow antigen test

The antigen rapid test is a coronal test that can be used to quickly determine whether someone has COVID-19. This makes it an excellent test when time is of the essence. 

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What is an antigen rapid test?

The official name for the test is the SARS-VOC-2 Rapid Antigen Test and shows whether you are currently infected with the coronavirus. An antigen rapid test makes it possible to get the result within thirty minutes. The tests are performed in collaboration with the GGD and under the guidance of BIG registered health care professionals.

The rapid antigen test is often not sufficient for travellers abroad. For this the PCR test suitability. Therefore, when you are looking for a validated test to travel with abroad, in many cases it is necessary to make an appointment for a PCR test (it comes with an accompanying international travel certificate). View the travel page for more information on traveling with antigen rapid test or PCR test.

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Amsterdam City Center

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How does a rapid antigen test work?

The test is taken through the nose using a cotton swab. This is also called a nasopharyngeal swab. Once the material has been collected, it is possible to test it immediately, which means that the results are available quickly. The test material is examined for proteins (antigens) of the virus. Based on this, it can be determined whether or not you are infected with the virus.

The antigen rapid test is used in both people with symptoms and people without symptoms. The rapid test is for anyone who wants to know if he or she is currently infected with the coronavirus. This test is the same as the lateral flow antigen test.

Result of antigen test

Because it is possible to test the material for antigens, it is possible to get the result very quickly. On average, you will receive the results within 30 minutes. If the test result is positive, the GGD must be notified and the official steps will be followed.

When do you need the coronation test?

The antigen rapid test is intended for anyone who wants to know if he or she is currently infected with the coronavirus. If there are no symptoms, but for example you have been in contact with a person who tested positive, we recommend a PCR test. However, it is also possible to do a rapid test without complaints, for example in the case of events or with employees who want to work on location. With complaints, we always recommend going to the GGD.

How reliable is an antigen test?

The antigen rapid tests that we use are CE-certified and officially validated by the RIVM. If you test negative, there is a very good chance that you are not contagious, but this cannot be ruled out with 100% certainty. The antigen rapid test only measures virus particles that have already developed in the body (from 3-5 days). It is therefore possible that you are already infected, but that the virus particles have not yet developed. Therefore, it is possible that you get a negative result from a quick test, but that you are already infectious to others. The rapid test is reliable, but cannot give a 100% guarantee that a negative test result means that you are not infected with the coronavirus.

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The difference between the antigen rapid test and PCR test

A PCR test is very sensitive and detects both high and low concentrations of the virus in your body. This makes the result more reliable than the result of an antigen rapid test. However, a PCR test can only be analysed with special equipment and in collaboration with a laboratory. The rapid test does not require the use of a laboratory and therefore the results can be provided much faster. The result of a rapid test is often known within 30 minutes. With an urgent PCR test the result is known within one hour and with a budget PCR test within 24 hours.

In addition, a PCR test is appropriate for travel abroad. An antigen rapid test may not be in some cases. Many countries have entry restrictions to prevent further spread of the virus. A negative PCR test result and an accompanying travel certificate are therefore often necessary to travel to a country. The PCR tests of include an international travel certificate and are suitable for both individuals and companies.

Where can you do a rapid test?

We have a test location in the center of Amsterdam. Simply schedule a testing appointment here on your preferred date.

Antigen rapid test for companies and events offers several solutions for companies, businesses and events. For example, we can be on location within two hours to test all employees for the virus. Of course, employees can also visit our location themselves. The antigen rapid tests make it possible to quickly assess whether employees can safely go to work on location. The tests reduce the chance that employees infected with the coronavirus will enter the workplace and infect other employees. 

The antigen rapid test is also very suitable for events. The rapid results of the test make it possible to determine whether visitors can safely enter the event location. This also reduces the risk of contamination.

Our test site

Amsterdam City Center

Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 178, 1012 SJ Amsterdam

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