Rapid test Zandvoort

The antigen rapid test is a coronal test that gives you the results immediately. Testservice.nl offers this test at several locations in the Netherlands. Among others you can get tested in Amsterdam, Diemen, Haarlem, Schiphol/Hoofddorp and The Hague. 

Don't forget to bring your passport or ID to the test site. Do you want to make several appointments? Then book each person separately in the booking system with his / her personal data.

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Quick results

Results within 30 minutes in case of a quick test. PCR test the same or next day.


The tests we use have been officially validated by the RIVM.


Home and on-site testing possible. Within 2 hours on location.

Medical supervision

Cooperation between GGD and BIG registered healthcare professionals.

Rapid test Zandvoort

At our test location in Haarlem there is sufficient test capacity and you will receive the result of the test within 30 minutes. Testservice Haarlem is on the route to the Zandvoort circuit. 

Testservice.nl offers antigen rapid tests in several cities in the Netherlands. Our rapid tests are CE-certified and approved by RIVM. Do you live in (the neighbourhood of) Zandvoort and would you like to have an antigen rapid test done as soon as possible? Book your appointment now and visit us at our test location Haarlem, about 20 minutes drive from the Formula 1 GP circuit at Zandvoort. The nearest location in Haarlem is easy to reach by car and public transport.


What is a rapid antigen test?

An antigen rapid test can immediately determine whether you are infected with the coronavirus. The test is taken with a swab from your throat and nose. In the lab, the test material is examined for proteins (antigens) of the virus, so that it can be concluded immediately whether you are infected with the virus.

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Book a coronation appointment quickly and easily at your preferred time and location. Want to have all your employees tested at once? Then get in touch with us! Besides antigen rapid tests we also offer PCR testing on.

Our test sites

Amsterdam City Center

Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 178, 1012 SJ Amsterdam

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Don't forget your passport or ID (no driver's license) to bring with you to the test site. Do you want to make several appointments? Then book successively in the booking system each person separately with his/her personal data.

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